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Jolies Lumières

I'll tell you how the sun rose a ribbon at a time.

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A collection of icons, graphics, and other things
Welcome to Jolies Lumières

An icon community for the eclectic soul, maintained by two photoshop enthusiasts. One is the master of pic spam and stock images. The other is addicted to television and celebrity photos. Can you guess who is who? You'll find a bit of everything here, from stock posts to pic spams, the occassional tutorial (when it doesn't threaten to suck our souls) and plenty of fandom based graphics (with no bias AT ALL for all things related to Battlestar Galactica)

Rules & Information

We're simple here. You don't take anything and label it as yours. You don't hotlink. You don't spam us. You are respectful and polite. You always credit jolies_lumieres, you friend us, and you tell your friends. Your modly mods are propernice and caramelapples11. If you need to contact us, knock yourself out using the LJ messaging system.

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